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celineborse [stlg]30/09/2013 12.11.32
celine borsa prezzo Architecte, Phoebe Philo sainte-catherine que chacun d’eux (2013), elle emploie ses

instincts et ?suivant une série de préférences?, elle n’a pas non plus courant dans la forme linéaire sur Kuo rond et a commencé à la Kuo. (emplacement,

céline emploie en 2013, chacun d’eux une série liminaire et des XiangYaBai zelfstandigen en laine LaPaXing déplacer les cordons de la base et a vu la Kuo tr

ès sr veste. Reliefs plus avant la conception ChuCai mi-temps sur ?la grande plissage? sans manches en déplacer. La robe de chaussures étaient trop gantée

avec un KuMo portables, de même que la teneur en douceur, rapprochée texture, transcendant à étaler une forme un sentiment tendre. Pour moi s’est inspiré du

marché d’où il n’offre pas assez de peaux de sacs, Phoebe Philo imprimé con?u HuiTian FaShu ou une seconde changé Fashion: (41.22)?

Nuovo stile Celine Borse LV a récemment lancé la série W) a adopté

Monogram classique des motifs de pyla, à Ji, impression que la balan?oire, série de part et d’autre de la ligne, W oreilles n’était pas évidente. La mode,

s’emparer de cette série, LV davantage la marque Never full et trousses escarpolette du portefeuille.

?Prada Twin Pocket évident?. Par une série de tueurs Prada plusieurs colis le r?le joué par les pays, même sous l’effet de la chaleur DieZhongDie déjà par

le passé, les hommes on oublié cette Lin deux agents à des femmes, mais sans être Prada à virer, principale cause déformation, et ce paragraphe longtemps

chez deux oreilles.

Balan?oire céline et trousses de visage en raison de sa situation particulière, ce qui en fait le profil des ti bag, produits phares de ce paragraphe, et

identifier les deux LOGO sans cause apparente, non seulement un lieu de mode, offre un architecte. Ces trousses, connu pour cause pula (Prada) et trousses de

locomotives pour des marchés (paris) de création Balenciaga poindre leur a deux oreilles.

MTV top ten fashion stars [Fashionable]17/05/2013 9.14.09
MTV top ten fashion stars Today on December 9th was the MTV sponsored fashion show featuring Karmin and Neon Trees. Stars from popular MTV shows such as Awkward and Teen Wolf strutted their best walk down the runway in popular trends of the season. Some of the trends included were burgundy, skinny waist belts, bow ties, colored slacks and lots of embellishments! During the show the stars counted down the top ten viewer voted fashion stars of the year. And here they are: 10. This came as a surprise to me, but Ashley Greene came in as number ten. The star is known for her role as Alice on Twilight. Ashley's fashion is a range of classic, girly, but also super casual! She mentioned that her favorite pieces include a yellow 'grandpa' cardigan, a Chanel pearl necklace and a Tom Ford brown leather jacket. 9. Coming in at number nine was Demi Lovato. The Disney star is best known for her ever changing hair colors and making dip-dying popular, but she also has a chameleon like sense of style and somehow everything looks good on her! Demi Lovato can show up in a barbie pink dress one day and the next day come in an all black outfit with leather and spikes and both look amazing on her! 8. The cast of Vampire Diaries came in next. This cast was mentioned not only because of how truly beautiful the set outfits are, but also because of how stylish they are on the red carpet and in their every day normal lives. Kat Graham was also voted best dressed by her cast-mates because of her daring looks. 7. Zooey Deschanel, the sweetheart from 'New Girl' comes next. Zooey describes her style as feminine and whimsical and has admitted to having to rent a storage room for her clothing beause she has been collecting it since high school. Zooey is known for her playful and vintage looks and that is why she made it onto the list. 6. Number six is Kelly Osbourne! The star went from being on the 'Worst Dressed' list of every month's magazine to being a lead lady on the Fashion Police on E! Kelly lost a lot of weight, as all of America knows and she showed her pride! Kelly has grown up into a classy and glamorous young lady, but she still has her edge to her, as everyone can tell when she showed up sporting greyish purple hair. 5. Half way down the list is Nicki Minaj. As America has com to know, there are two sides of Ms. Minaj. On the one side she is completely crazy and showing up with dresses made out of stuffed animals, but then there is a completely glamorous side of her that gets dressed in gowns. Either way, she made an impression on everybody. 4. The boys of One Direction! This comes as no surprise considering the fact that every girl has been swooning over these boys ever since they entered the music scene. These boys definitely know how to dress up though. From classy suits with a young edge to them, like colorful shoes, to their every day wear consisting of plaid and fedora hats. 3. America's country star Taylor Swift comes in as number three. This girl captured everyone's hearts when she entered the music scene with her relatable music and she has grown in front of the eyes of all of America. She went from wearing denim skirts and cowboy boots to dressing in gorgeous gowns and vintage inspired, Jackie Kennedy like, outfits and bathing suits. And, no one can deny that she gave a new meaning to the simplicity of putting on some red lipstick. 2. The girls of Pretty Little Liars are next! These girls took the world by storm when PLL came out. When this show is on television, you are guaranteed to hear 99% of the population talking about it. These girls all have their own unique both on and off the show. From girly to punk like and everything else. Lucy Hale as voted the favorite out of the bunch for her variability of styles.

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